What our patients say about us

What our patients say about our dentists

“I have had many dentists over the years (11 so far). However, I am happy to say that Dr. Jamei is without a doubt the best dentist I have ever encountered. He is careful, gentle and meticulous. I no longer have any fear coming to the dentist office!”

– Wes S.

“I was there in Gibsons on May 11 and saw Dr. Denise Chiasson. This is a short note to say she was awesome! No problem with the freezing, no swelling, no pain, nothing! She ROCKS! I would travel down there again in a heartbeat to see her, just letting you know! “

– Kelly H.

“I unfortunately have had a fear of dental work for years, and needed a lot of work done. I was introduced to Dr. Vineyard Choy, and was delighted with his gentleness and skill, but was devastated when he cut back his hours. With some trepidation I made an appointment with Dr. Mehrdad Jamei, at the same dental clinic. To my mind, he is a wonderful replacement as several hours in the chair convinced me.”

– Lizbeth W.

What our patients say about our Hygienists

“Monika Miller, RDH is the best dental hygienist I have ever had. I have had a few unfortunate experiences over the years with other dental professionals, so I have a tendency to be quite nervous and guarded when getting any work done. Ms. Miller is so gentle, kind and unobtrusive yet efficient and I’ve found to my amazement that I’ve actually drifted off while she was working on my teeth- and had lovely naps! I feel very fortunate to have experienced her work, as it has significantly offset the negative impact of those earlier experiences. Thank you for your professionalism, tact, and kindness!”

– Janice W.

“Went in pretty stressed out for my 4 year old’s first major dentist appointment we had with Dr. Jamei which he did good with her. She was nervous, but it worked out, he is informative and does his job good. The experience I want to really talk about is our experience with the hygienist Morgan. She is absolutely amazing to work with, my daughter loved her. If you have any hesitation about bringing your young one to a hygienist, bring them to Morgan, you will not regret it.”

– Devin H.  

“Krishna did an awesome job! I was very nervous but she did great!”

– Dave R. 

What our patients say about our Clinic

 “It is always a pleasure to come to the Sunshine Coast Dental Group. Everyone from reception to hygienists, and the dentists are wonderful and caring.”

– Barb H.

 “The treatment is excellent by all. They have a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. I had informed them in passing that I am a stamp collector, and am always pleasantly surprised when I arrive for any appointment that they have set aside a collection of stamps for me! Not to mention that they always laugh at my jokes!”

– Chewy S.

“I feel quite compelled to write and recommend to anyone seeking dental services who perhaps is reluctant to contract with services on the Sunshine Coast, that you could not find a more professional, caring and compassionate group anywhere.”

– Charlie C.